Hi all,

The proposed options for your last assignment are contained in the document below. Please read them carefully and get back to us with your comments, suggestions, and/or questions.

Francisc and Dom



Instructions for Assignment 2



  1. Hayley

    This is really clear. I am happy with the options. Thanks for posting it now. Means we have got a good amount of time to get it done 😀

  2. pdic099

    Yeah thank you for posting these. My only question, one of the options is rather similar to what I was trying to write in the test. Is it then still ok to choose that option?

  3. You can write on the same topic you addressed in your previous assignment or the in-class test.

  4. Hi, unfortunately I was unable to attend the last lecture 😦 Just wondering if you mentioned when/where our test papers will be available to pick up?

    • pdic099

      The test papers have been there to pick up since the beginning of last week I think so if you didn’t already pick your up today you should be able to do it later this week 🙂

  5. oh thanks thought that might be the case. from arts 1?

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