Hi everyone,

This message is to confirm that the final due date of our last assignment is Friday, June 7. So please dis-consider all previous information and work in acknowledgement of the fact that you have two more weeks to finalize the argumentative essay.




  1. yzha961

    Due to all of the timetable changes I am a little confused: I was told that we had no tutorial this week, but the Course Outline specifies that there should have been one in Week 11, so … should I show up tomorrow?
    Also, yay, more time to procastinate … ಠ_ಠ

  2. Olivia T

    Hi, I was just wondering how strict the word limit for the last assignment is? I have quite a bit of material at this point and I thought it might be worth asking this question since this course has been quite open minded about assignment requirements 🙂

  3. Sophie Morgan

    Are the source guidelines for this assignment the same as they were for Assignment One? i.e. 3 sources for Stage 2 students and 5 sources for Stage 3 students?

    • pdic099

      As far as I’m aware and based on what someone in the last lecture brought up: The only source requirement is that you source both the article/video/whatever supplied by the question and at least 1 text from the course. I don’t think there are any external sources required, although if it strengthens your argument I think they’ll be quite happy for you to use them.

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