Welcome to the course

Hi everyone. This is the blog on which we will be spending some of our teaching/learning time this semester. Here, you will be posting your blog exercises (see course description and consult your lecturer/tutor) and will be commenting on posts made by others. Those of you who want to keep their privacy intact can use a name that is not explicit, or rather their UPI. I would prefer the latter, but the choice is ultimately yours. In any case, if you chose to have a username that is not your real name, that username needs to be made known to the person who is your designated tutor, so that they know whose posts they are grading.

The blog is a public domain, where you can engage freely in a multitude of writing, posting, and commenting activities. There are no restrictions as to what you want to post outside of the course requirement, which is to write at least FIVE short reviews for texts in the course reader. That means that engagement with the texts posted on this blog is always welcome, provided they don’t exceed the limits of decency and collegial decorum.

English 257/363 is a course which tries to emphasize the collaborative aspect of culture at large. Given the new technological developments we are enjoying nowadays, and the new exciting media that enable connected participation in the making of cultural facts and artefacts, the recommendation of the lecturer and tutors is that you participate actively in the unfolding of this exercise in education represented by the course you are enrolled in. In other words, your feedback will be much appreciated, and as usual in the world of multitudes: the more the better.

Our hope is that this blog will become a field of inquiry and genuine engagement with the texts and concepts mobilised throughout the semester.


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